Equipe Capoeira Brasileira Cord System

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White cord

Aluno, (beginner student) **

Yellow and white cord

Aluno, (transition) **

Yellow cord

Aluno **

Orange and Yellow cord

Aluno, (transition) **

Orange cord

Aluno **

Orange and blue cord

Aluno avançado, (transition) **

Blue cord

Graduado **

Green and blue cord

Graduado, (transition) **

Green cord

Formado **

Purple and green cord

Formado, (transition) **

Purple cord

Instrutor **

Brown and purple cord

Instrutor, (transition) **

Brown cord

Professor **

Black and brown cord

Contra Mestre **

Black cord

Mestre **

Red & black cord

Mestre Coral **

Red cord

Grão Mestre **

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