Welcome to the Brazilian Cultural and Martial Arts Center of Montreal.

Welcome to the first Brazilian cultural center of Quebec. Space in Montreal to soak up Brazil. The Brazilian Cultural and Martial Arts Center of Montreal is the best place to get acquainted with Afro-Brazilian culture. The center promotes intercultural exchanges and encounters enriching, and allows everyone to enjoy a taste of Brazil’s wealth through sports and cultural activities of all kinds. Mestre Peninha offers Capoeira lessons for all (children, teenagers, adults) from Monday to Saturday.

Browse Equipe Capoeira Brasileira site and come back to visit often to keep up to date with all the activities organized there. Follow us on our Facebook page Mestre Peninha also offers Brazilian jiu-jitsu and self-defense classes for women (contact us to learn more).

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About Me

Born in the Brazilian Amazon, Mestre Peninha is a martial artist and accomplished musician with over 30 years of experience in Brazil and throughout North America. Peninha grew up in the Brazilian capital, Brasília, and started capoeira when he was 9 years old. He already showed a great talent for this martial art form.

Two years later, Peninha was training with his big brother at the local Adilson Capoeira group under the instruction of Professors Cid and Oscar. It was at this time that Peninha discovered his passion for capoeira, and continued to progress in this sport. Following a meeting in 1992, several members of the group decided to found the Escola Brasileira de Capoeira led by Professor Oscar.

Peninha remained with this group until 2004, when he moved to the United States to begin a new start in his journey as a capoeirist. In 2004, Peninha and other members of the old school (including Mestre Chumbinho) felt the need to create an educational project with a more modern teaching approach for capoeira. Based on the international openness, collaboration and responsibility of its leading members, a new organization has been founded to support their joint work in advancing capoeira within the community, in the greatest respect for their friendship: Equipe Capoeira Brasileira.

The following year, Peninha made the big decision to move to Montreal’s 2nd largest metropolis in Canada. He joined his friend Mestrando Ajanã, co-founder of the group and director of the academy in the province of Quebec, to form a partnership that lasted more than 3 years. Peninha was able to contribute to the evolution of the academy, which was already well established. In 2008, Ajanã had to give him all the direction to return to his family in Brazil.

In 2009, Peninha redefined the mission and goals of its mandate in Canada by inaugurating the first Brazilian Martial Arts and Cultural Center in Montreal. The center offers people the opportunity to learn more about the various methods of self-defense and other fascinating aspects of the cultural and folkloric wealth of their home country: workshops, courses and shows of capoeira, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, batucada and Brazilian percussions, Portuguese language, samba and other Brazilian dances Peninha currently lives in Montreal with his wife Brigitte, also a capoeirist, and his children. The fruit of his labor reflects cultural and philosophical values ​​in accordance with the principles of a healthy and active life. He enjoys an excellent reputation in the international capoeirist community. Supported by a growing number of students, colleagues and friends, Mestre Peninha continues to share his knowledge and vision of capoeira around the world.

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